J is for: Jennifer Lawrence


First things first, I love Jennifer Lawrence. She is both talented and hilarious.

But as a student of film, media and PR, I am sceptical of her presentation in the media. She is known as ‘the celebrity who doesn’t know she’s a celebrity’ and the ‘country’s sweetheart.’

Here’s my theory:
She received media training before she began to promo her films. These were just to help her become interview ready, and make her appear down to earth and approachable. Her wicked personality and awkwardness in these situations often got the better of her and shattered the training. It was well received by the media and public. Her publicity team picked up this fact and now hammer it hard to EVERY journalist possible. These days you would be hard pressed to find a magazine interview with Jen that doesn’t fully emphasise how NORMAL and HONEST she is. Her image will now be maintained and developed along these lines for the duration of her career, or until her first media crisis.

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I is for: Italia!

I absolutely adore Italy. It is so rich in culture, the weather is (mostly) glorious, the people are so welcoming. 

My first taste in Italia was a five day trip to the outskirts of Pisa with Brunel’s hip hop dance group, ‘The Freshmen’ in 2011. We spent the majority of our time out there competing in a World Championships, so the only exploration I did was one day at the Leaning Tower. So, the following year I worked, and worked and saved enough for a 12 day Contiki-coach tour of the country!

We saw the ruins of Pompeii, Sorrento, Capri Island, Florence, Pisa, La Spezia, Milan, Lake Garda, Verona, Venice, Rome and the Vatican City. It was lush! But it was a heartbreaking realisation the other day went I noticed that all of my photos from this trip did not survive the cross over from my old MAC to my hard drive/new MAC… Lost forever! All I have now are the ones I can download off of my own Facebook…




The view of Duomo Dome from Giotto Bell Tower – Florence


The Colosseum, Rome


Ponte Vecchio Bridge – Florence


In 2013, I did venture to Italia once more on a university tour to Rimini. Aside from a day in Bologna, we did not experience culture. We experienced nightlife and drunks. Fabulous! 

If you get the chance, go to the Sistine Chapel. Everyone talks about the ceiling, but words actually cannot describe it. It is something you need to see for yourself!

All in all, I want to go back. Florence was my favourite city, but Rome came close. Both I would like to explore more!

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H is for: Hair, and the ordeal of growing it out

I had long hair my entire life. From the very second I was born, I had a mop which had to be cut in the hospital. When I was 17, I finally cut it all off. And that is the look I have been rocking since. I did briefly attempt to grow it from May-December 2012, but it only just began to reach my shoulders when I gave up and chopped it all back off. 

Well, now I embark again on this long, arduous and highly irritating quest. I know I won’t do much with it long, but it will be nice to have options available! All in all, the summer pictures of me in Nepal/Tanzania are going to be filled with me and a variety of hair accessories trying to disguise an attempt to grow my fringe, and push everything out of my eyes whilst being still too short for a pony tail. Ah, awkward times ahead! #GirlProblems

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G is for: Garrett Hedlund

My favourite actor. Some of the films he’s been in are brilliant, some were just abominations (ahem, Eragon…) But these are my top five Garrett Hedlund characters. 

5. Billy Darley in Death Sentence 2007
Total transformation, and almost alarming. He is big, muscular, bald, covered in tattoos, domineering, violent, terrifying. But he played a fantastic criminal.

4. Sam Flynn in Tron Legacy 2010
A young man tormented by the abandonment of his father, and then thrown into a digitised world. Quite a basic script, but he was so endearing. 

3. Don Billingsley in Friday Night Lights 2004
This films was so underrated! It is a top quality sports film, and the story was so moving. Despite being so young, he really plays well against his on-screen father (Tim McGraw) and all of the Permian teammates.

2. Beau Hutton in Country Strong 2010
He sings, plays the guitar and is so romantic. Enough said…

1. Jack Mercer in Four Brothers 2005
I really love this film! I adore the brotherly bond, despite adoption, and this affection manifests itself brilliantly in banter and play fights. Jack is such a sweet, quiet, conflicted younger brother character who suffers from many torments of his past. 

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F is for: Fandom

The topic for my undergraduate dissertation was:

 What is the relationship between film studios and online fan activity: A study of Warner Brothers and the Harry Potter franchise.

Fans have existed in various forms for an arguably long period of time. But the modern day definition, specifically those associated with the entertainment industry, are becoming increasingly a subject of academic debate and criticism. Once again, I am not going to bore you with the theory, if you want to the read the thesis all you have to do is ask. 

The most significant aspect that sticks with me is the participatory culture it encourages. These are activities attributed to active fans, so we must be sure not generalise all fans with the same brush. But the ability to make short stories, videos, artwork, gifs, drawings, songs, musicals, spoofs, etc. around a literary fiction, a musician, a football time, a film will always continue to fascinate me. I do engage with some of these activities, but I also appreciate the analysis of why we do such things. 


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E is for: Effing and blinding

My favourite profanities:

  • Bugger off
  • In the clunge
  • You slag
  • Bollocks
  • What a nob Jockey
  • You massive gobshite
  • Such a twat
  • Fuck…
  • You cunt
  • “That is HORSE SHIT!”
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D is for: Divergent – falling in love with the film & books

I am a keen upholder of the ‘read the book before you see the film’ motto, however for this particular case I was unable to. Anyway, I’ve seen Divergent. Fell in love with it, read all three books in three days and then saw the film again. 

I’m not intentionally going to give away the major plot developments, but if you don’t want to know anything… SPOILER ALERT.

The film, similarly to Hunger Games, managed to immerse me into this believable dystopia that I simultaneously do and do not want to be a part of. Four aka Tobias (played by Theo James), despite being older than intended, managed to play the intimidated trainer and conflicted, scared young adult fantastically, and the romance between him and Tris was slowly built.

If you enjoy a blend of action, crime, romance, dystopia, sci-fi (futuristically), you will love this series. I heartily recommend it. 

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