P is for: Pet Peeves

I am a very happy person, but the sometimes I feel the need to rant. The below are the most frequent… 

  • Those who drive in fog, rain or dusk with no headlights on
  • Mumbling (yes, I am guilty of this from time to time. But those whose everyday speech is a low incoherent mutter drive me crazy!)
  • Disorganisation, get your shit together people!
  • Shoppers who cannot navigate aisles with their trolleys in a fashion that means they are not in my way 100% of the time
  • Live-stream tweets of a football game. What a crap sport…
  • Talking through a film at the cinema. The minute the trailers come on, you SHHHHH. I don’t care who you are, or if we’re going to boink.
  • Constant, stupid questions… Think. for. yourself.

About Hooch

BA Film & TV at Brunel University Dancer Love Bon Jovi and Garrett Hedlund
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