N is for: Nepal

A significant portion of my life these days is following up on the fundraising of my Big Build Nepal group. With only three weeks left until the fundraisng deadline, and summer just around the corner, I am getting even more excited to finally head on out there!

There is fourteen of us in the group, and we will be assisting with the completion of an early learning centre in a rural village near Kathmandu. The centre is funded by Childreach International, whom all our fundraising supports.

I haven’t been there yet, but from what I have heard, read, seen in pictures, Nepal is a beautiful country. And, as mentioned in my ‘Teachings of Buddhism’ post, I cannot wait to learn more about their religions (hinduism included) and their culture. I know food wise I am a bit screwed. I’m simultaneously fussy taste wise, and also quite sensitive digestively. At least I will come back skinny!


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