J is for: Jennifer Lawrence


First things first, I love Jennifer Lawrence. She is both talented and hilarious.

But as a student of film, media and PR, I am sceptical of her presentation in the media. She is known as ‘the celebrity who doesn’t know she’s a celebrity’ and the ‘country’s sweetheart.’

Here’s my theory:
She received media training before she began to promo her films. These were just to help her become interview ready, and make her appear down to earth and approachable. Her wicked personality and awkwardness in these situations often got the better of her and shattered the training. It was well received by the media and public. Her publicity team picked up this fact and now hammer it hard to EVERY journalist possible. These days you would be hard pressed to find a magazine interview with Jen that doesn’t fully emphasise how NORMAL and HONEST she is. Her image will now be maintained and developed along these lines for the duration of her career, or until her first media crisis.

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