G is for: Garrett Hedlund

My favourite actor. Some of the films he’s been in are brilliant, some were just abominations (ahem, Eragon…) But these are my top five Garrett Hedlund characters. 

5. Billy Darley in Death Sentence 2007
Total transformation, and almost alarming. He is big, muscular, bald, covered in tattoos, domineering, violent, terrifying. But he played a fantastic criminal.

4. Sam Flynn in Tron Legacy 2010
A young man tormented by the abandonment of his father, and then thrown into a digitised world. Quite a basic script, but he was so endearing. 

3. Don Billingsley in Friday Night Lights 2004
This films was so underrated! It is a top quality sports film, and the story was so moving. Despite being so young, he really plays well against his on-screen father (Tim McGraw) and all of the Permian teammates.

2. Beau Hutton in Country Strong 2010
He sings, plays the guitar and is so romantic. Enough said…

1. Jack Mercer in Four Brothers 2005
I really love this film! I adore the brotherly bond, despite adoption, and this affection manifests itself brilliantly in banter and play fights. Jack is such a sweet, quiet, conflicted younger brother character who suffers from many torments of his past. 

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BA Film & TV at Brunel University Dancer Love Bon Jovi and Garrett Hedlund
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