A-Z Blogging Challenge

This blog has been oft neglected lately, and I have thoroughly enjoyed doing the #100DaysHappy challenge on Twitter, therefore I am taking on the A-Z Blogging Challenge. My classmate of four years, Elena, has been doing this lately and, whilst I haven’t read them all, I thought it was a great idea!

Get ready for an abundance of posts. Now, these won’t all necessarily follow along the same lines. They will be a blend of academic critique of media, film reviews, book reviews, musings upon life, anecdotes, song lyrics, etc.


Note added 24/4/14 – This challenge will be a bit sporadic. I’m not doing it one letter per-day, because, lets face it, I will probably forget. Therefore I might do up to 5 a day, one a day, none at all for a couple of days… who knows!!!

About Hooch

BA Film & TV at Brunel University Dancer Love Bon Jovi and Garrett Hedlund
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