A is for: Animated Films – My top ten

10. Happy Feet (Warner Brothers, 2006) – Tap dancing penguins, what’s not to love? This came out during a period in secondary school where I just did not fit in, and it renewed me with hope. It still does. I’ve found my place now, just like Mumble. 

9. Lilo and Stitch (Disney, 2002) – It was just something so different! Not a musical, but with a kick-ass Elvis soundtrack, and a devilish alien hero. But the family sentiment is forever heartwarming.

8. Pocahontas (Disney, 1995) – There is a powerful message here about respect for cultures, and I think it still has powerful nuances today. Don’t forget its more recent live-action ‘remake’ in the form of Avatar

7. Frozen (Disney, 2013) – There is just something about ‘Let It Go’ that I cannot get out of my head. Not to mention Olaf. I love Olaf.

6. Shrek 1 & 2 (Dreamworks, 2001 & 2004) – Pure wit! A fantastic reworking of the fairy tale, with lots of little inside ‘adult’ jokes on the sly. It’s just a shame about 3 and 4…

5. Aladdin (Disney, 1992) – The Disney film i literally grew up on. Aladdin was my first animated crush (yes, I now have several). 

4. Tangled (Disney, 2011) – Seeing the lantern scene on the biggest UK IMAX screen was breathtaking. It was beautifully made, and Flynn was a bit of a babe.

3. Anastasia (Twentieth Century Fox, 1997) – Another massive childhood crush on Dimitri. ‘Once Upon A December’ is a beautiful song, and the film never fails to move me.

2. The Lion King (Disney, 1995) – Need I say more?

1. Toy Story 1, 2 and 3 (Pixar, 1995, 1999 & 2010) – Even to this day I am finding hidden jokes in the background and dialogue of these films that I never noticed as a kid. Fantastic stories, brilliant characters, beautifully made. Toy Story 3 had me bawling like a child again. 


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