University graduate, babyyyy


What would normally follow here is a reminiscent rambling of how the last three years have been a wonderful experience filled with memories, life lessons and friends. But, been there done that! (*Scroll down if you reaaaally want to see it.) I embraced ‘The-End-Of-Brunel’ in May when we had the last night in Global. My tears were shed then, my outpouring of joy and grief streaming out of my eyes.

But I faced graduation day armed with the fact that I am making a return to the Bru-Land! My first class honours landed me a scholarship for a masters degree, meaning that, with a part time job, I can afford to continue the academics I so enjoy and the lifestyle at Brunel which I so love.


About Hooch

BA Film & TV at Brunel University Dancer Love Bon Jovi and Garrett Hedlund
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