This is but one of my coursework’s for GCSE English Language, I wrote it when I was 15/16, and have not looked back on it since. Finding it now at 21, after finishing A-levels (inc English) and a whole university degree which relies heavily on writing abilities, I am still really pleased with it! I can see many ways to improve it, obviously, but for a 15/16 year old this is pretty damn good!!! ❤

The Nth World

Chapter 1.

Grasping each others hands tightly they ran on still further. The taller of the two was sobbing quietly, her face distorted by fear. She clutched desperately at her rucksack, which was so full it wouldn’t zip up fully. The shorter companion led the way, and in a gentle, encouraging voice said,

“Come on, just a little bit further!” The reply, however, was inaudible as it came out as a loud sob that caused her sister to stop. She turned and hugged her tight.

“Look Jo, we’re going to be okay! I will look after you and we’ll be safe from him. I promise we will be at Uncle Jay’s by the morning.” said Zoë reassuringly. With a nod, Jo agreed but inside she felt guilty for letting her younger sister, by two years, suffer the burden and responsibility for their safety. She returned her sister’s hug and they pressed on. Zoë’s eyes were sparkled with tears that she would never let fall. She possessed an air of deep personal strength that reduced her elder sister to a scared and insecure teenage girl.

              The sun was setting fast, casting shadows over the pavement. Despite the many bins, the street was littered with excessive amounts of rubbish and cigarette ends. The two girls had been running for over forty minutes now and Jo was starting to tire. Every breath came out as a short, sharp gasp. She stopped.

“Can we rest now?” she panted. With a nod, Zoë continued to lead her sister into one of the side alleys. The walls were filthy and slimy, glistening in the moonlight. There was an awful stench in the air of rotting food and stale smoke. It was so pungent; it started to form a horrible taste in the girls’ mouths. Somewhere in the distance was the sound of car horns and angry yells.

            They sat down on the cold floor and caught their breath. Zoë’s eyes were staring out to the road ahead. She was determined to keep her sister safe.

This is Zoë. She is the youngest sister, but has always had more sense, strength and willpower than Jo. Right now she feels as though she is finally proving her worth in life. She longs to show she is more than just a “waste of space.” That’s what he always calls her. For the last four years it’s just been vicious names, savage beatings. But what hurts her more than anything is seeing her sister suffer the same fate, the same punishment for living. Right now is finally the time to save her sister.

            Jo’s hands were shaking as she looked through her bag for her water bottle. Finally she gave up and sat staring at the floor. Her aching feet were tucked up beneath her chin, her arms wrapped round them. Her head pounded, but whether from dehydration or crying she was not certain. A small trail of blood oozing from her lip was starting to dry.

 This is Jo. Her life made complete only by her sister. Any personal strength she ever manages to gather always diminishes whenever she hears the sound of his footsteps, his voice. Despite her deep sensitivity, she’s fiercely loyal to Zoë and is doing her best to try and protect her. She’s also surprisingly tall. But this makes her subject to more abuse for being “a freak.” She always longs to free herself from her current life, but now that escape is staring them in the face she doesn’t know if she has the courage to go through with running away.

            “I’ve got some biscuits Jo, want some?” asked Zoë. Jo nodded feebly and tucked in. The sugar made her feel a little bit stronger so she helped herself to some more. Zoë continued to stare out into the road.

            While both of them were concentrating on the end of the alley, a strange substance started forming behind them. A gentle wave of dirty green smoke started to swirl and float around the air. Turning around to get another biscuit, Jo spotted the phenomenon and tried to scream. All sound stayed in her throat and she clawed desperately at Zoë trying to get her to turn around. They stared, open mouthed, in utter amazement and fear.

            When they finally did come crashing back down to reality, they started to back away. Jo cracked her head against a low balcony and fell flat on her face. Trying frantically to keep them away from the unknown smoke, Zoë grabbed Jo’s t-shirt and pulled her up. Looking around they saw that their only chance of escape was now blocked by a big delivery van, which had ironically decided to arrive at exactly the wrong moment. They turned around wildly: There was no escape! The only way to go seemed to be forwards, towards the unearthly smoke. No matter what, if they continued to stand there it would reach them.

            Taking a deep breath, Zoë clutched at her sister’s hand again and gave it another encouraging squeeze. By looking into her eyes, Jo began to understand what her sister intended to do. There was no choice. They ran forward. All went dark.


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