£5,000 for Childreach International!

I am sort of in a state of shell shock right now. I cannot believe that after 7 months of relentless, exhausting and, often, highly irritating fundraising I have finally reached my target! It has definitely not been an easy ride, especially over third year at university. But the sense of satisfaction of achieving what I have set out to do is once again so gratifying!  … I guess it has all been worth it in the end!

Brace yourselves for excessive thank you’s:
– To EVERYONE who has donated online. I treasure you all.
– To the many, MANY, drunk Brunelians who bought glow sticks and sweets from me EVERY Friday night. My most reliable and generous contributors here were Tom from Cheer, Floppy from Rugby, the football boys, American Football and Basketball! [Dance were obviously very generous too! <3]
– Pete & Lucinda Bassett: Your generosity and support is MONUMENTAL!
– Strictly Street Dance Co. Christmas Show 2012
– Tesco in Uxbridge
– My company sponsors: Bromley Garage Services, The Ivy of Sonning, D&R Kirk Opticians
– Rivermead Primary School: Non-uniform day
– The Sonning Club for their members support and use of their facilities for my cabaret fundraiser
– The cast and audience of my fundraiser THE ONLY WAY IS UP
– My mum: For relentless support, getting up early every Sunday, being there for me in EVERY way! ❤ ❤ ❤
– My dad: For running the Reading Half Marathon and using it as a source of additional fundraising. And for his monthly contributions
– David May and Richard May: Very generous donations that are very much appreciated!
– Ant from UBS Ents and the Brunel nightlife security for putting up with me every Friday night
– Erns Car Boot Sales and other local boot sales
– Krispy Kreme
– Matt Cahill, Nicole Eversfield and Cassie Baugh
– All of my Facebook friends and Twitter followers who have accepted my online spamming with patience and grace. I know it has been incredibly annoying, but it worked 😉

If I have missed anyone, TELL ME! ❤


About Hooch

BA Film & TV at Brunel University Dancer Love Bon Jovi and Garrett Hedlund
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