An acknowledgment of the most important people.

Life at Brunel is so amazing because of the community feel. Everywhere you go on campus you see people that you know. They can be close friends, normal friends, acquaintances, friends-of-friends, drunken accidents, but the point is you KNOW them. When you leave, you truly appreciate those in your life who are for real.

ImageLets start from the beginning. Mum and Dad. (and Craig, I suppose. I may not like him but I guess I have to love him.)

It may seem like a cliche to say this these days, but my mum is literally my best friend. I speak to her everyday when I’m not at home, we share everything (and I mean everything) and we’d be lost without the other.

I love my dad so much. He is such a legend and a LAD. I mean, we casually use the C-word to each other quite a lot. And that makes it easier to bear and ignore his annoying habit of nagging me and judging my actions, which is highly irritating after three years away from home.

Nan and Gramp. My last remaining. I love them so much. I aspire to be like them in every wayImage when I am older. They are still so young in themselves! They keep active with their tennis and golf, they are still so in love and they have wicked (WICKED) sense of humours. Filthy. Filthy Hopgood’s! ❤

And it is strange to think that my nan is not ‘technically’ my nan by blood. She is my mum’s step mum. But not only did she accept my mum and aunt, she has fully embraced me and Craig as her first grandchildren, showing absolutely no preferential treatment. Nor did her parents, Great Granddad and Grandma. They were the most loving and generous souls in the world and I truly miss them. It is going to be a heart wrenching experience when I must say goodbye to my nan and gramp, but hopefully it will not be for many long years!


Rachel, We have been friends since the age of 5! And we became best mates when we were about 15, and have been together ever since! Obviously we don’t get to see each other as much as we’d like anymore, but it makes us stronger. It is lovely to catch up with her after so many months, and I am so blessed that she has been in my life for 16 years. I can see us sitting together in our rocking chairs at age 90, gossiping about the other old ladies at our community group or something silly.


Josh and Riccardo, and then (of course!) Alex. Ric I have known for over 10 years, and Josh for about 7-8. We formed R-Te Crew together back in 2006 and have since become an unstoppable force of friendship. I love these two as the closest of big brothers, and they certainly treat me that way. I get punched, dead-legged and interrogated every time we meet up! All of my boyfriends (or potential boyfriends) over the years have had to meet the scrutiny of these two to pass and proceed. Alex came into my life around the same time as R-Te when she and Riccardo started dating. In 2011 I was blessed to be bridesmaid at their wedding and I consider her one of my closest and best friends as well.


R-Te Crew as a whole! ❤
Riccardo & Alex Tudor-Jeffrey, Lucy & Richard (soon to be) Robinson-Hobbs, Claire Harris, Steph Still, Naomi Palmer-Wilkes, Reece Millard, Bethany Bianga, Nikki Beard, Tom Bassett, Sarah Barrow, Lucinda Bassett, Pete Bassett.
We have done so much together, from shows to competitions, to photoshoots, to Disney nights, to dinners, to partying, to holiday’s in Romania! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!


And last but not least, those BRUNELIANS!
(Don’t get me wrong, there are A LOT of key players throughout my time at university, but these five have been with me throughout and are my closest). Thank you for the memories Khush, Alvin and Paulo (original Freshmen fam!) and Melissa and Hamed! ❤

Of course not forgetting the old school dancing Brunelians who I’ve known now for a long time and welcomed me with open arms. I appreciate everything Wolfgang, Ashley, Khalid, Jason, Kat, Tamika and Co!! Some of my fondest memories of Brunel include The Freshmen. The silly things we used to do in the summer on the Quad, our times in Italy winning a World Championship!

I must also give a huge shout out to the absolute legends that I have lived with for Imagethe last year! Flat 19 Galbraith has been such a blast! Luc, Joe, Jamie, Tom, Sam, Joss, James and Jack! Thank you for the memories!

Especially Luc. I have lived with you for three whole years, and you have been my sanity throughout that time. I wish you nothing but huge success with your career and will sorely miss living with you!

I love all of the above, so much ❤


AMENDMENT 24/06/2013 – I need to add Matt Cahill. I know we joked around about how I didn’t include him in the first place,542671_10151543235140677_754634656_n-1 but I naively put it down to not knowing him that long. It’s only been about nine months since this guy entered my life in a bang of random, but it has been a great ride! I can always count on him to cheer me up, put life in perspective and listen to me. And vice versa. We’ve been there for each other through a lot this year and I definitely count him now as a great friend. He is definitely one whom I am VERY excited to be climbing Kilimanjaro with!

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