May angels lead you in…

“May angels lead you in. Hear you meet my friends. On sleepless roads the sleepless go. May angels lead you in. So what would you think of me now? So lucky, so strong, so proud. I never said thank you for that. Now I’ll never have a chance.”

I found myself reminiscing back to the Summer of ’06 this morning. That summer was both the very best and very worst of my life so far. I remember it fondly because the weather was pretty amazing for most of it. This was when we first formed R-Te Crew, and myself [14], Josh [15] and Paige [14] were on school holidays whilst Riccardo [21] was in between jobs, so we spent almost all day everyday rehearsing out on the field for the World Championships. We had so much fun! And we did end up becoming World Champions in August, which made it all worth it. But while I was simultaneously having such an amazing time with my two big brothers, it was the most heart wrenching time. Mid-August we lost Great Gramp Hopgood. On the day of his funeral, Great Granddad passed away.

ImageThen just over a month later both Nan Boyles and Great Grampa May died. So much grief in such a short space of time. I have only suffered losses sparingly in the years since then, Great Grandma in January 2010, Granddad Boyles in August 2010 (my rabbit in 2007) and my mother’s uncle in 2012. I just know that I dread the next time I have to say goodbye to a loved one. Especially when they are all in good health right now. I suppose I was reflecting back on this because Nan Hopgood has just had a histerectomy. And, thankfully, she is recovering very well! I guess I am just so grateful and blessed. I just want to hang on to my last remaining grandparents for as long as possible. I love Nan & Gramp so much. They are amazing people and such legends.

“I’ll see you again. You never really left. I feel you walk beside me. I know I’ll see you again.”
Loved and Lost: Great Nana May [1992], Great Nan Hopgood [1997], Great Gramp Hopgood [2006], Great Granddad Hughes [2006], Nan Boyles [2006], Great Grampa May [2006], Great Grandma Hughes [2010], Granddad Boyles [2010], Great Uncle Terry [2012]

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