My thoughts on Woolwich…

I actively try to avoid engaging in the media outrage that always sparks from incident ‘fires’ such as the recent Boston Marathon bombings or todays execution in Woolwich, London… but when I find my entire newsfeed filled up with almost identical statuses and posts I find it difficult to hold back entirely. Therefore I am venting my frustrations in a more constructive blog entry. Enjoy, or not. 

Yes, the media is very wrong in choosing to focus on the fact that todays murderer is apparently a muslim. Despite not knowing the ins-and-outs of todays events in their full capacity, I am sure in my right mind that the murderers religion has NOTHING to do with the real justification for the attacks. Well, in his mind, it does because he has allegedly justified his actions in the name of “Allah.” However, as any reasonably educated and open minded person would agree, these actions in no way reflect upon the Islamic people as a whole, and that psychotic or sociopathic tendencies are more likely to be the real reason behind it all. A popular parallel that is often drawn, but never entirely appreciated in the same way, is that Hitler was a Christian… And we all know what Hitler did… However no one in this society feels threatened by Christianity. Why? Because it is a part of the British history and heritage. It is safe to us. What all people fear are the unknown, the outsider. And the media still continue to feed on this.

Thankfully, I have not been subjected to any idiotic racism or narrow mindedness across my social media. I guess I have been blessed with intellectual, thoughtful friends and acquaintances. Even though I am glad they are educated, and pleased that they are questioning the media’s messages, I am still finding myself fucked off with the sheer quantities of their complaints about it. Ugh, back off. I want to continue to formulate my own opinion on the matter using information I choose to gather at my own pace from my own sources. I don’t want your opinions shoved down my throat any more than I want the super-suspicious racists. 

At the end of the day, the events are still too fresh for anyone (even the authorities) to fully grasp what has occured. It just feels to me that people are jumping on bandwagons. And the two bandwagons are either “Muslims are bad” OR “The media hates Muslims.”

Well, guess what. The media also hates teenagers, fat people, students, old people, which ever political party is not in power, anorexic people, rich people, poor people. The press forms its own agenda’s based on very contradictory and often hypocritical notions. It is not strictly limited to religion, but that does seem to be the “big issue” that everyone is choosing to focus on as opposed to the larger issue as a whole. The media chooses what it wants to tell us. In a lot more ways than just this one example. Don’t sit on your computers and complain. Do something. I am thinking how I can, I just hope this entry inspires some people to do so too. 

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