“The Only Way Is Up” 18th May 2013

After four months of meticulous planning, momentary set backs, slight let downs, amazing friends and excessive online spamming, the night of my fundraiser cabaret finally arrived!


A foolish 2am statement of, “if we raise £1,000 I will sing Miley Cyrus “The Climb” on stage” served as the most perfect source of inspiration for my incredible audience to dig even deeper into their pockets. We got to just under £800 and both my brother and a very generous donor (who shall remain anonymous to the public) stepped up to the plate and helped us to reach the grand. So yes, I had to sing… It was terrifying. I was so nervous! Literally shaking!


I came straight off the stage and burst into tears. A combination of relief, joy, exhaustion, and even seeing my mother in the corner quietly crying with what I’m guessing with pride. It was the defining night of eight whole months of almost relentless fundraising, and I am so happy that it was a success. The feedback was really great and has definitely made all the stress and worry worth it in the end.

I am truly thankful to my cast. A group of supremely talented individuals who lent me their time (and patience) free of charge. Bless you ❤

About Hooch

BA Film & TV at Brunel University Dancer Love Bon Jovi and Garrett Hedlund
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